Making jewelry responsibly and sustainably, always achieve a fair price.


In August 2022, GEMX has entered into cooperation with GRC Gemological Laboratory (Thailand), and all GEMX products in the future will have a GRC or Edward certificate to prove that all jewelry produced by GEMX is of legal origin and to ensure that there is no fraud or counterfeit. GEMX places great emphasis on producing high quality, handcrafted jewelry and using the top quality gemstones.

GEMX differs from the traditional retail value chain and insists on negotiating directly with consumers through online platforms to always achieve a fair price and avoid wasting resources through middlemen.

About GRC

The GRC laboratory has a long-established reputation for providing timely and accurate gemstone reports for our clients, as well as serving the industry as a whole via our extensive contributions to gemological research. Being equipped with the latest advanced technology, we ensure that our gemologists are trained and up to date on the latest identification and analysis methods. The lab offers a variety of testing and certification to meet your needs. GRC research efforts include the characterization of natural gem materials to understand gem formation, trace element chemistry, causes of color, and geographic origin when possible. Key focus areas include treatment detection and the separation of natural from synthetic gem material. Through research and unbiased gem grading and analysis, GRC strives to protect the gem and jewelry buying public by setting global quality standards.

Today, GRC is one of the world’s leading gemmological labs, especially for high-end coloured gemstones, diamonds and pearls. GRC provides independent expert advice in the field of precious stone analysis to a wide clientele. Among them are precious stone dealers, jewellers, auction houses and private customers from many countries. The GRC laboratory primarily examines loose cut stones, but set stones in jewellery pieces are also tested. The test reports issued are for identification only and do not provide a commercial.