The Birthstone For January——Garnet

Our Stone of Passion, real Garnet gems encourage ambition and enhance strong energies of gratitude.

The Birthstone For February——Amethyst

Our Stone of Tranquility, genuine Amethyst gems, relieve stress and elevate inner calmness and patience.

The Birthstone For March——Aquamarine

Our Stone of Courage, genuine Aquamarine, activates energies of inner courage and instinct.

The Birthstone For April——Diamond

Our Stone of Awareness, genuine Moissanite, supports clear thoughts and brings out your individuality.

The Birthstone For May——Emerald

Our Stone of Wisdom, genuine Lab-grown Emerald, inspires restfulness and strengthens your self-confidence.

The Birthstone For June——Pearl And Moonstone

Our Stone of New Beginnings, genuine Pearl, supports inner balance to protect you on your journey.

The Birthstone For July——Ruby

Our Stone of Affection, genuine Lab-Grown Ruby, enhances feelings of love and passion and supports self-confidence.

The Birthstone For August——Peridot And Spinel

Our Stone of Empathy, genuine Peridot activates compassion for a calmer mind.

The Birthstone For September——Sapphire

Our Stone of Inspiration, Lab-Grown Sapphire channels wisdom and intuition, and supports connection with your inner-self.

The Birthstone For October——Opal And Tourmaline

Our Stone of Positivity, genuine Opal activates optimism and encourages feelings of loyalty and faith.

The Birthstone For November——Topaz And Citrine

Our Stone of Happiness, real Topaz lifts your spirits and activates feelings of joy and imagination.

The Birthstone For December——Turquoise Lapis And Tanzanite

Our Stone of Relaxation, genuine Turquoise helps enhance feelings of trust and activates inner peacefulness.