Wison and Zorn, the founders of GEMX, come from very different backgrounds. Wison is an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the Internet industry. He has always been fascinated by how technology can transform traditional industries and make them more accessible to consumers.

Zorn, on the other hand, is an experienced gemologist who has dedicated his career to the study and understanding of gemstones. He has always been passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and helping them appreciate the beauty of gemstones.

 They met at a reception where they were both invited to speak about their respective industries. As they chatted over drinks, they realized they shared a common frustration with the jewelry industry - the opacity of industry information and the inconsistent quality of products. They both knew there had to be a better way to make gemstones accessible to everyone.

It was then that they decided to pool their expertise and create GEMX Jewelry Company. Their team includes several experienced designers from different countries and skilled craftsmen with more than 20 years of professional experience. They aren't good at marketing and even resist it, but they all have a common goal - to offer consumers the most affordable and high-quality jewelry products.


Wison and Zorn's vision for GEMX is simple - to make gemstones accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget or knowledge of the industry. They believe that by leveraging technology and the power of a talented team, they can transform the traditional jewelry industry and create a more transparent and consumer-friendly marketplace. They look forward to sharing their love of gemstones with the world and creating a brand that consumers can trust for the long haul.